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Cincinnati LGBTQIA+ Flag Football League


In this section, learn about some of the things you'll need as a player.


All About the CinGFFL!


What is the Cincinnati LGBTQIA+ Flag Football League?

The CinGFFL is a 7-on-7 flag football league inclusive to all but catering primarily to the LGBTQIA+ community in and around the greater Cincinnati and Tri-State Area.


Football. No way! Won’t I get hurt?

The CinGFFL is a flag football league with no tackling whatsoever. Every player wears a belt with three flags; to ‘tackle’ another player one pulls on a flag to remove the belt. While there is contact inherent to this format of play, since there is no actual tackling, injuries are typically minor.

I’ve never played football before. What if I’m bad?

The CinGFFL is open to players at all levels of ability—and we mean ALL LEVELS. Never played competitive football before? No problem! Most members of the league began with little or no competitive football experience. We're encouraging new and inexperienced players to join us for our New Player Clinic known as, “Practice with the Pigs” every season to get a "feel" for the game.


Do I have to be athletic/fast/strong/tall/big/in-shape?

Again, the league is open to players at all ability levels. In a 7-on-7 flag football game, there are MANY positions of importance beyond quarterback and star receiver. Your captain will find a position for you that is well-suited to your physical capabilities.


When and where are the games?

During a season, registration for players begins before the start of each season. Typically during the season, games are held on Sundays. Unfortunately, because of the complex process of obtaining fields from the city, we cannot tell you exactly when and where your games will be until shortly before the season begins. We do our best to ensure that games are not too early, too late or too far out of your way. Past field locations include Salway Park, Withrow High School, Lunken Playfields, and Rivers Edge Indoor Sports.


What about practices?

During a season, team captains usually limit practices to game day an hour or two before the game starts; however, a handful of captains may ask you to attend an occasional practice on a non-game day. These practices are not mandatory and inability to attend will not affect your playing time or standing in the league.

SO, how do you play Flag Football?
CinGFFL plays by the rules according to the National Gay Flag Football League (, the only exception is that we will be play 15-minute halves with 5-minute breaks instead of the league standard 30-minute halves and 10-minute breaks. Click "Quick Rules and Regulations" link below Rundown of Rules OR hover over the "About Us" section on top of the page and under Rules and Bylaws you'll be sent to a PDF with Extensive Rules and Regulations.


I frequently work or travel on weekends. Is it worth it to join?

A regular season is approximately eight games long. Many members of the league miss 1 or 2 games per season and still have a rewarding experience. However, if it is likely that you will miss 3 or more games during the season because of work or travel, we will still love for you to come out and cheer on the other teams!


However, I identify as straight! Would it be weird for me to play in an LGBTQIA+ football league?

No way! Some of our most talented and dedicated league members identify as straight. Many straight people love the inclusive, laid-back yet competitive atmosphere that the CinGFFL provides and continue to come back every season for this reason.


I identify as a woman! Can I still play?

The CinGFFL has a place for you; on the field! We encourage all women and all gender expressions to play.


Will I make new friends?

Yes! Aside from the rewarding experience that you are sure to have on the field with your team, the league sponsors several social events that will allow you the opportunity to get to know other league members in a fun, social settings. We also host themed parties at local bars, football viewing parties, team cookouts, and many other fun activities planned to ensure that your football experience is much more than action on the field!


What if I can’t throw a football?

No problem. Each team only needs one quarterback (and possibly a backup), so if you can’t throw, you’re off the hook.


Am I guaranteed a spot on a team if I sign up, or do I have to try out?

If you register for the league and submit payment on time, you are guaranteed a spot on a team. However, if it is your first season playing in the CinGFFL, you are encouraged and recommended to attend Practice with the Pigs (New Player Clinic). The Clinic is a 2-hour practice session where we coach you in the game of football based on your previous experience and current skill level. Experienced players will also get to see you play so they can find the best place for you on the field.


My friend plays gay softball and competes in tournaments in different cities every year. Can I do this?

Tournaments are an excellent way to meet new people and test your skills on the road. There are currently a few different national tournaments, and members of the league have gone to each of them to participate and represent the CinGFFL with the travel team, Queen City Pigs. If you’re interested in competing in the Pride Bowl Chicago Tournament, Gay Bowl or any others that you know of, ask a board member how to get involved, [email protected].


I want to be my team’s quarterback. Will I get to do this?

Possibly. Most quarterbacks are returning players, but a few newbies work their way into the mix every year. If you are interested in quarterbacking, you should plan on showing us your skills at the Practice with the Pigs, New Players Clinic, which will allow captains the opportunity to see you throw before season play.  Don't fret if you are not picked to be QB; you can still volunteer to serve as your team’s backup and with hard work you might see yourself as the QB next season!


Will I have to buy any expensive equipment?

NO, invest in Football Cleats (Other sports that use molded or detachable cleats are accepted, NO METAL SPIKES, as well Receiver Gloves (not required but recommended), and have a pair of Pocket-Less Shorts or Pants. During seasonal play, team jerseys will be available during games.


How much does it cost to play?

Prices vary depending on the season and travel play. Each season, prices will be posted well in advance to give players an opportunity to start saving for league play. In a typical season, registration is about $50 for returning players and $75 for new players which include a jersey. For the travel team, Queen City Pigs, the cost would depend on the tournament. We try not to ask players participating on the travel team to pay more than $350 and try to get sponsors and hold fundraisers to reduce that cost as much as possible.


I’m not out at work. Does my name have to be listed on the CinGFFL website?

No. In your registration process, for the season we have a Photography Liability Waiver that will ensure that your full name does not appear on the website. If it does at any time, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].  


I want to join! Where do I sign up?

Look for the registration link on our homepage for updated registration information. Please make a note of the day and time that registration opens for players and plan to register when it becomes available. If you'd like a reminder to join our Facebook page and we'll send you registration updates.


I have another question. Whom can I contact?

Please contact the league at [email protected] for any other questions.